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About Us

Quality Kids Clothing at Trendy Toggs

At Trendy Toggs we offer the best quality of children’s wear online. From clothing essentials to latest designs, we specialise in a range of T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and zip ups for children of all ages. Founded by a mother of three, we know how extremely important it is to choose the right quality clothing for children. Therefore, at Trendy Toggs, we offer you more than just a brand. We offer clothing that will EXPLORE, INSPIRE and CREATE young minds.

At Trendy Toggs we encourage children to standout because being different is ok, so let’s embrace it!

Our clothes are made to be worn in, to look great, and to feel amazing on the skin. We strongly believe children should be able to play around comfortably in what they are wearing. Clothes should always feel natural to be lived in, so each child can add a style of their own through their uniqueness.

Our Design team have put together prints that will explore young minds and take the children to a world where they can be anything. In addition, we strongly believe in letting children express their own creativity. In helping them to stand out, Trendy Toggs encourage young children to create their own unique designs where we will introduce their prints to the online shop. All designs created by children will be featured in the Trendy Togg’s Limited Edition area of the website. It is very exciting for the children of today’s generation to have the opportunity to explore another level of art and design through fashion.


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