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April/ May Blog combined 'Let's Talk'

in Family, holidays, lets talk, Loss, sudden change
by Mia Leah

I've chosen to combine my April and May blog together. During the Easter Break, many families went on vacation. If you're a last-minute parent, you were probably on the lookout for a good deal so you can quickly pack and surprise the kids. Some of you may not have had any travels scheduled and were preoccupied with house repairs, weddings, parties, and other activities.

Regardless of the path you followed, they all appear to be quite chaotic. I didn't do much over the April holidays; instead, I gathered stock and packaged them into boxes, creating an inventory of over 4,000 pieces to aid families in Ukraine. This procedure was lengthy, but it was necessary; I feel it is always vital to give back and assist those in need, especially when the chance arises.

We received some bad news as we approached the end of the holidays. A student from my daughter's school had tragically passed away. I simply wanted to take a moment on my blog to memorialise him and how he was remembered by my daughter. He was a tiny little dot who was constantly smiling. He brought his smile to school every day, his jokes made everyone laugh. And if you heard him sing, you'd be singing the melody all day. He brought pleasure to everyone's hearts and will always have a special place in the hearts of all who knew him.

When loved ones pass away, it is a traumatic experience, it is important to help children through these difficult times and questions any questions they may have. I have provided a few links to charity that assist children and adults cope with grief.


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