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January 2022 Time for a Vitamin C Boost

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by Sharonjit Sidhu

So how are we all feeling after overindulging over the festive period? we can all be guilty of overeating! As a mother I tend to relax with the children's routine, well, to be honest, the routine goes out the window. During the festive period we tend to eat less fruit and drink less water, hmmm I can't be the only one!!!


It's time to look forward as we head into January 2022.

As school starts and the routine comes back into formation, getting out of bed after having late nights and waking up at your own leisure, is going to be a difficult task.


Here are a few ways that help me and my family build our immune system with a healthy glow. Eating healthy and taking vitamins play a key part in my family's wellbeing and this is where I make up for relaxing over the festive period.

Having a good immune system has never been more important than now, the scare of COVID-19 has had us all on our toes. Keeping our body active and diet balanced is one way, where we can keep control.


We eat a lot of oranges in our household, and we always stock up on multivitamins. Oranges cleanse the liver of fat and toxins (ref Anthony Williams -Medical Medium). We also try our best to go out for daily walks, 15 minutes a day can make a positive difference to your mental health and body.


Wishing you all a happy, healthy start to the new year.


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