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A Time For Reflection!

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by Mia Leah

A Time to Reflect


I think it is important to start the year with some reflection time. In order to move forward I must see what events brought me to where I am today.   

In 2019 I decided I was going to start my own business. My husband and I often talked about 

starting a children's brand and I always wanted to start my own business. my husband is an entrepreneur, so he is busy multitasking. 

Having a career in retail I had the opportunity to experience many different levels of it, I had the chance to travel, meet different people, and train different levels of retail management.  I put my career on hold after having my second child.  Being a mother of two boys and a baby girl was a great feeling and still is, it is the ultimate test in multitasking.  As a stay-at-home mum, what I did miss most, were adult conversations. I simply did not find the time. having to juggle a new born and a 1 year old, I used to find myself singing to CBBC music.  A great help at the time was my husband's grandfather who used to come and spend a few hours every day with me.  When my daughter was born, multitasking had become second nature. The first few years flew by, my children are now ten, nine, and my youngest is six.  I love dressing up my children in fashionable clothing, matching sets for both boys and styling them using colour coordination.  Whatever the children wear reflects their personalities.  Getting the sizes right was always a pain, and I really find it annoying to go back and exchange items.   


Everyone Needs a PUSH START

I needed a push start to get myself going, and my husband gave me a positive shove!  In the summer of 2019 we bought some children's clothing sample's, which we both liked.  We have three children so getting the size spec on point was key.  So first task, we went shopping on the company business card!  Next, JD Sports, Nike Store and Adidas.  Having a boot full of items in every size, it was then a painful task of recording all the measurements from each brand. We analysed samples from different brands to have a variation, we focused on dual sizes, as we understand far too well that children grow differently, one size does not fit all. My 6-year-old is tiny, where my 10-year-old is tall and I always have to go up one size, so we wanted to make sure we got this right.  I remember sitting in the office for weeks just working on getting the size chart perfect, honestly speaking it was a pain in the ass.  I have to say the long process was worth it.  I wanted the sizes to be perfect to a real size of a child, and like any other mother, I wanted some growing space and I feel like I have achieved this.  I could not have done it without the support of my husband.  

Having worked in fashion for most of my career, I felt like the choices were always limited for children.  I introduced Trendy Toggs children's clothing for a variety, one I felt was always missing in the market. I was not happy with my samples, I must have sent them back three or four times before I was completely satisfied, during this process a national lockdown was introduced, which was overwhelming at times and mentally challenging, I was feeling it, stop, start with the business, children being home-schooled, like many of you, we had to become teachers, dinner ladies, on top of usual  household chores and trying to work as well, and more delays as the Trendy Toggs samples took longer to get to me.  Honestly when I look back, I can't believe I've got to where I have.


My official website launch for Trendy Toggs was in November 2020.  Trendy Toggs was launched to give children freedom in what they wear.  Something cosy, something comfortable.

The collection is ideal for everyday essentials, for children to be able to play without restrictions.

Trendy Toggs pieces consist of children's sweatshirts, children’s T-Shirts, Children’s graphic T-Shirts, children’s zip-ups, children’s tracksuits, children’s onesies, and children’s joggers.  

With another lockdown in January 2021, and children being home-schooled again, it's all become uncertain once more, I am already worried how I am going to juggle work and 

the children, I am sure by working together we will all manage, just remember you are not alone.  If you feel like it gets too much, reach out to someone.  This is not about having a perfect life; it is about getting through a pandemic and knowing there is support out there.  What I am finding helpful is weekly zoom Kundalini yoga classes, Joe Wicks will be starting his free P.E. session again from the 11th January, ITV get Britain talking, has been set up by ITV to encourage people to connect , and for those who have children at home finding a balance is very important, between home-schooling and the amount of TV they are watching.  BBC have will be putting lessons on TV, check out the link to find out more


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