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My TrendyToggs Journey

in small business, startup
by Mia Leah

Well what can I say? I have finally put my ideas, thoughts and processes from paper into reality! Its great isn’t it, to see something that you have been visioning for so many years and it finally coming to fruition! I would like to start off by introducing myself, Sharon Sidhu, a 39 year old, wife, mother and now a business woman. I have three beautiful children, a supporting husband who are my life and soul, and without them, I would not be where I am now. I guess most of you can relate.

Before I started my family, I had been working from a very young age of 16, and working most days of the week, really helped me build my confidence, upskill my business mind-set and yes get creative and start thinking outside the box. I always believe, having a strong business background and understanding will always help at some point in your life, no? What do you people think? “Understand and respect the value of a pound” that is what my parents used to say to me from a very young age.

I have a degree in Marketing and Human Resource Management, and graduated in 2005, oh wow, seems like a very long time ago. For most of my career, I worked in retail, as that is where my passion was, in fashion, became an Assistant Manager at 21 and then landed my dream job as a Visual Merchandiser. A grand total of 17 years retail experience I have under my belt, something that I am so proud of and always manage to reflect on my past and use my skillset to its fullest.

So, going back to my present life, my children are 10, 9 and the youngest 6, and I just felt it was time for me to actually do something for myself and see where it takes me, and that is it, I knew 2020 was going to be my year. There was something inside of me that was telling me to make that next step, “go live your dream”, and that’s it I started my very own online clothing business, TrendyToggs.

TrendyToggs, is an online clothing business, having been established since early 2020. We thrive off unique designs for all of our clothing items, and bring ideas to life and not only that we give children a chance to design their own artwork for upcoming pieces that would be sold on our TrendyToggs website.

If you are looking for unique, individual pieces with loads of growing space, please get in touch with us, as we are always happy to help and learn more about our customers.

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